Обложка альбома HarryThe band Harry was created in 1985 in Santos, in the state of São Paulo. In the beggining, the group featuring Hansenharryebm in vocals and electric guitar, Cesar Di Giacomo in drums and Richard Johnsson in bass played noisy rock with lyrics in English. Nevertheless, with the involvement of the producer and keyboard player Roberto Verta in the group, its music changed from noisy rock to experimental electronic rock, with influences from bands like The Clash and Kraftwerk, and from writers like Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. Harry’s first release was the EP “Caos”, in 1986. Two years later the same Record company, Wop Bob Records, released their first album and the last one in which the drummer Di Giacomo played: “Fairy Tales”. After that, the group started using electronic drums and samplers, what made their music even more electronic. Later, in 1990, Stiletto records released the album “Vessels’ Town”, and in 1994, Cri Du Chat released a album with the best of the two previous ones, plus some of Harry’s new songs: it was the “Chemical Archives” album.
  • Трек: Hedwigs Theme (From "Harry Potter")
  • Исполнитель (артист): Hogwarts Orchestra
  • Длительность 3:06
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Видео клип "Hogwarts Orchestra - Hedwigs Theme (From "Harry Potter")"

    • 2:43
      Musica ParadisoHarry Potter Main Theme
    • 5:40
      Harry StylesSign of the Times
    • 2:56
      Harry StylesKiwi
    • 4:51
      Harry StylesOnly Angel
    • 5:21
      John WilliamsHarry's Wondrous World from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
    • 4:38
      Harry StylesWoman
    • 3:44
      Harry StylesSweet Creature
    • 2:43
      KidzoneTheme from ''Harry Potter''
    • 3:49
      Harry StylesTwo Ghosts
    • 3:09
      Harry StylesCarolina
    • 3:32
      Harry StylesFrom the Dining Table
    • 4:13
      Harry StylesEver Since New York
    • 3:47
      Harry StylesMeet Me in the Hallway
    • 3:22
      Harry NilssonWithout You
    • 2:49
      Harry NilssonOne
    • 4:26
      Harry ShottaFast Lane
    • 2:50
      Harry NilssonEverybody's Talkin'
    • 3:46
      Harry ChapinCat's In The Cradle
    • 3:04
      Harry BelafonteDay-O (Banana Boat Song)
    • 5:20
      Harry Gregson-WilliamsThe Prince of Persia
    • 4:09
      Harry Gregson-WilliamsDeadpool
    • 3:36
      Harry Gregson-WilliamsCrossing Mars
    • 2:50
      Harry Gregson-WilliamsKayla
    • 3:21
      Harry NilssonWithout You
    • 3:50
      Harry NilssonCoconut
    • 3:10
      Harry HudsonCry For Love
    • 3:44
      Harry BelafonteJump in the Line
    • 6:39
      Harry Gregson-WilliamsThe Equalizer
    • 2:18
      Harry NilssonWithout Her
    • 3:04
      Harry BelafonteBanana Boat Song
    • 4:19
      Harry Gregson-WilliamsThe Martian Score Suite
    • 5:07
      Harry Gregson-WilliamsWarsaw Zoo, 1939
    • 3:05
      Harry BelafonteThe Banana Boat Song (Day-O)
    • 3:20
      Harry Simeone ChoraleThe Little Drummer Boy
    • 5:11
      Harry Gregson-WilliamsSee You In A Few
    • 2:54
      Harry FraudThousand Ways (feat. Jay Critch)
    • 3:49
      Harry NilssonOver the Rainbow
    • 2:40
      Harry NilssonThe Puppy Song
    • 2:05
      Harry NilssonMe and My Arrow
    • 3:20
      Harry BelafonteLove, Love Alone
    • 4:09
      Harry Gregson-WilliamsAlone
    • 3:18
      Harry NilssonWithout You
    • 3:46
      Harry PaneHere We Stay
    • 4:34
      Harry Shotta with MelekaXtravagance (Kinetics Drum N Bass Remix)
    • 2:05
      Harry Gregson-WilliamsIbelin
    • 3:32
      Harry ChapinCats In The Cradle
    • 3:02
      Harry BelafonteBanana Boat (Day-O)